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Ever wonder where the fish of your fish tank came from? Watch the video to see the natural habitats of a few.

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This video was made four years ago, a documentary of Suriname Hidden Opportunities. Enjoy! Suriname: Hidden Opportunities from GLTV Global Television on Vimeo.

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College Planning for U.S. Expats You’ve got kids. They may be small now, but before you know it, they’re off to college. Unfortunately, the cost of a university degree in the United States has become incredibly daunting. Therefore, planning for …

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What you should know about FATCA

As of the publication of this article, roughly 110 countries either have FATCA  (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) agreements in-place with the United States or are in discussions. Thus far, Suriname has not yet signed an agreement. But it is …


U.S. Expat Taxes


American expats are subject to U.S. income taxes regardless of where they live and where they make their income. Furthermore, there are special requirements and issues to consider when it comes to tax return preparation. Over the next several months, …


Watradagu at the Zoo


By: Cristian There are many interesting animals at Paramaribo Zoo.  My favorite one was the otter.  He is called a watradagu in Surinamese.  The otter has a light brown coat of fur, tiny ears, huge black eyes, a long tail, and …