A Field Trip to Fort Nieuw Amsterdam

flowerBy fourth grader – C. Povoa.
Today I saw cool things at Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. I saw a big pond with large lilly pads as long as me, and it had pink flowers in between them. I also learned about green turtles. I learned that the green turtle lays a lot of eggs because most of them get eaten by crabs, birds, sharks, and other big fish.turtle

I also learned about slavery and plantations.  I learned that the slaves would go through a process to make sugar from sugar cane. I saw little jails for really bad slaves and bigger jails for the other slaves. I think churnslavery was sad. It was not fair. It should have been fair for everybody.




Fort Nieuw Amsterdam – Suriname
By: Suriname Insider
Did you know that Suriname was home to many sugar plantations during the 17th-19th centuries? Well, the old plantation houses (now restored) and museum artifacts are just a few of the many things you can learn about at Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. This historical site and open-air museum is also fun for kids; playgrounds, learning stations, an old ship, a tank, gardens, and cannons are scattered throughout the winding pathways. A morning walk can take you back a few centuries and charm your eyes to Mother Nature’s wondrous creations. Don’t leave Suriname before checking this place out!

war tank

light house ship

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