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You found us!  That’s great and we are happy you made it this far!

As you can see, the site is a work in progress so please bear with us while we continue adding on. We promise, every time you come back, you’ll find more good information.

From our own experience, after living in Suriname for over a year now, we know first hand what type of information may be useful to people like you, expats living in Suriname!

We wished that all the information on this site was available to us when we moved to Suriname, but instead we had to find out some things the hard way.

No need to worry, we are very much willing to share our knowledge and resources through this site, making things easier while saving you  a lot of time and ‘aggravation’. We hope that the information will help you find your way around life in Suriname, allowing you to enjoy your expat journey!

Tan Boen!!

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