A Field Trip to Fort Nieuw Amsterdam


By fourth grader – C. Povoa. Today I saw cool things at Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. I saw a big pond with large lilly pads as long as me, and it had pink flowers in between them. I also learned about …

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Navigating Paramaribo 101


“A hospital bed is just like a still standing taxi whose meter keeps running.” -translated from the traffic tips on the back of the Surinamese International Driver’s License Warning: Driving in Paramaribo may cause high blood pressure. To say that …

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Suriname on the Discovery Network

The airdate and time for the program “Suriname-Hidden Opportunities”, has been finally confirmed. This will now be featured on the Discovery Network in 50 states of the USA and reaches about 100 million households. The show will be featured on …

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Suriname Travel Tips


For someone who can’t read Dutch, booking flights to and from Suriname can be a real pain. That’s why we’re going to help you out with a few tricks we’ve learned to make it easier. Here are a few things …

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