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Fun Facts About Suriname Featured This Week : RUMORS

Suriname is rumored to have had the highest per capita “consumption” of fireworks in the world.  Pyromaniacs begin shooting off “bombel” (fireworks) a few days before Christmas and the late night explosions continue well into the first month of the New Year.  On New Year’s Eve the businesses and stores in downtown Paramaribo shoot off long rows of firecrackers call “pagara”.

Suriname is also rumored to house the most cars per capita in the entire world.  The average middle income family owns three or more vehicles.  Cars are also often left  abandoned on the side of a rural road or amidst the jungle vines that inhibit undeveloped landscapes.

Suriname is rumored to have some of the purest and tastiest drinking water. The tap water is clean and drinkable in most urban areas.

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