Fun Facts: Flora & Fauna

·         The Suriname Toad, also known as the “Pica Pica”, has some seemingly different reproductive practices.  Rather than lay eggs and leave them, she raises her tadpoles in the squishy skin of her back to mini toad size.  She also doesn’t have a tongue or teeth.

·         Due to the preservation of Suriname’s tropical rain forest, the nation’s wildlife flourishes. However, as of 2001, 10 of the country’s 180 mammal species and 2 of its 603 bird species are endangered. 33 types of plants are also endangered. Endangered species in Suriname include the tundra peregrine falcon, five species of turtle (South American river, green sea, hawksbill, olive ridley, and leatherback), the Caribbean manatee, and the spectacled caiman. –

·         The flower bouquets here are very unique looking.  And yes, those are real flowers!  

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