A Field Trip to Fort Nieuw Amsterdam


If you like our blog, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed for updates. Thanks for visiting!By fourth grader – C. Povoa. Today I saw cool things at Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. I saw a big pond with large …

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Navigating Paramaribo 101


“A hospital bed is just like a still standing taxi whose meter keeps running.” -translated from the traffic tips on the back of the Surinamese International Driver’s License Warning: Driving in Paramaribo may cause high blood pressure. To say that …

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Stay Safe. Stay Alert.


While Suriname’s crime statistics don’t even skim those of big American cities, Paramaribo is still an urban center that has its share of criminality. In fact, many residents are feeling uncomfortable with the recent crime waves, a rarity to Suriname. …

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Pumpkiny Pompoen


Squash. Even the name sounds discouraging.  Growing up, I remember my sister begging not to have to eat her portion of it. She especially hated the Surinamese kind – “pompoen”, a squash variety with a hard green and peach striped outside …

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Banking – Part 2

DEBIT CARDS Most modern stores have debit card machines, but functionality depends on a good broadband connection from the telephone company, Telesur. Like the ATM machines, the debit card machines operate sporadically. When they work, however, they are very convenient. When …

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Something Smells Fishy


Because of its plethora of fresh water rivers and its location along the Caribbean coast, Suriname is home to over 350 species of freshwater fish. There are plenty of organized fishing tours to choose from (only a few are listed). …

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Banking in Suriname


BANKING One morning, I wake up late and finally get out the door by 9:30am. I have a simple plan in place. First, I will run by the ATM machine on Kernkampweg– I know is distributes American dollars; then I’ll …

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